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10:40pm 30/09/2005
  Hi! I'm Adam Dobay, an N fan and level maker. I've been making addons for games I liked for about 9 years so I was delighted that N also had an editor in it. So far I've uploaded 11 of my levels here on NUMA.
I have a proposition for you guys here in this community. I'm very interested in what people think about my levels but there are many many levels posted at NUMA and most levels, good or bad, simply get lost in the thousands of maps, and the authors never get to know what people like in their levels. So I ask you to look at my levels, rate them and/or comment if you wish, and in return I'll do the same for your levels. What do you think?
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Episode 29 Level 3 BEAT 
10:31am 19/07/2005
  Probably the hardest level yet, and I beat it. DOWNLOAD!


Please excuse the poor quality - it never comes out well when I video the laptop screen with my 2.0 megapixel Cannon. It's best viewed if you use the full screen option in whatever player you have.
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10:28am 04/04/2005
  Impossible level:
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post 0 
01:24pm 21/03/2005
  New version of N, 1.4, coming out soon (but who knows when):

The feature letting you import your level into the game looks pretty damned promising. :)

The main reason I created this little thing is because N, and other games like it, need to be more popular. I believe video games of today have lost a lot since the Mario mid-80s, namely pure and fun simplicity. There seems to be a theme of "feature cramming" in today's design methods, and need I say more about the number of buttons on today's controllers? Not to sound like a stubborn curmudgeon yearning for the days of yore, but what's happening to the games that simply don't need extra features, because they're fun to begin with? They're too few and far between these days.

Anyway, enough ranting. Join, post, and have fun!
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